Asmodee Digital rebrands itself as Twin Sails Interactive. With the help of the Embracer Group they plan to leverage their licensed IPs to produce AA console games as well as mobile and PC offerings beyond the digital boardgames they have mde up until now. Good luck.

The second printing of the Lost Dungeons of Tonisborg hardcover module is on Kickstarter. This is a chance to get a rare piece of TTRPG history. Tonisborg is a 10-level megadungeon, thought to be lost, reproduced with care along with a playable old school game system. The first printing of Tonisborg was first available from the original Secrets of Blackmoor documentary crowdfunding campaign. Pledge for your copy with the link below! 

Renegade Game Studios has announced that they are in negotiations to expand their licensing relationship with Hasbro, a global branded entertainment company, to include best-selling games Axis & Allies, Diplomacy, Squad Leader, and Robo Rally. Hasbro has has success with their reboot of Heroquest and are also currently crowdfunding a new Heroscape expansion. How long will they be able to farm our nostalgia? Place you bets.

A new documentary covering the creation, lifetime and recent popularity surge of Dungeons & Dragons has been announced by Hasbro’s Entertainment One division. Veteran Critical Role player and actor Joe Manganiello will co-direct the as-yet untitled feature. This is just in time for the 50th anniversary, like everything else from WotC we have talked about this year. Brace yourselves.

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It’s a solo cast this week! Chris is out sick, but through the miracle of modern technology we have a virtual co-host (visit our Twitch or YouTube for the visual). Moon Design Publications, the majority owner, and Black Monk Games form The Chaosium Group. Paizo changes terminology because of connection to real world religious custom. Warhammer 40k holiday candles. And finally, the paper shortage continues to hinder both comics and tabletop.
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We talk about the confusing return of TSR with their Giantlands set and the reboot of Star Frontiers. Disney copyright claims the Norse god of mischief on Redbubble. This follows their previous attempt to trademark Day of the Dead. Galeforce Nine releases a second Dune boardgame directly tied to the movie release with simplified rules and artwork from the film.
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Our spoiler-free and tease-filled review of The Secrets of Blackmoor – The True History of Dungeons & Dragons Documentary Volume One: The Evolution of the Roleplaying Game. #blackmoor #davearneson #

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“What if everything you knew about the history of Dungeons & Dragons was wrong? 6 Years, 12 Cities, 200 Hours of Interviews, 20,000 Documents and Photos: An unprecedented investigation into the history of D&D – the game that spurred a multi-billion dollar industry.”

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The third part of our interview with one of the filmmakers for Secrets of Blackmoor: The Secret History of Dungeons & Dragons.

In this excerpt, we learn the story of a group of friends who all contributed to the story of D&D and creatively played off each other to have fun. However, for many, they’ve been cut out of history and the goal of Secrets of Blackmoor is to correct that.

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