The text discusses various gaming-related topics. Firstly, it mentions the immense financial success of the Call of Duty franchise, which has generated over $1 billion in sales from a single game, Modern Warfare 2. Despite this success, a Kickstarter campaign has been launched to raise funds for Call of Duty: The Board Game. The campaign aims to showcase the uniqueness of the project and gather financial support from backers.

The text then shifts to the announcement of the Open RPG Creative (ORC) License, which is a system-agnostic, perpetual, and irrevocable open gaming license. This license provides a legal framework for sharing rules mechanics in tabletop gaming, promoting collaboration and innovation. The final version of the ORC License has been published on the website of Azora Law after receiving feedback and suggestions from the community.

Moving on, the Pendragon Starter Set is introduced as an adventure-filled game related to the world of King Arthur. It utilizes Traits and Passions to drive dramatic storytelling and offers a unique experience for each player. The game released on June 29, accompanied by a Pendragon Quick-Start.

Finally, Bugs & Buttons is a solo play game designed by Joe Klipfel and Nikki Valens. It features strategic combat similar to Gloomhaven but in a smaller, more accessible format. The game provides a valuable addition to the Cephalofair Games line, thanks to the collaborative efforts of its designers.

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ORC Answers and Explanations (PDF link)

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After some technical difficulties, we discuss San Diego Comic-Con 2021 being inevitably cancelled following the cancellation of their WonderCon. They will hold  Comic-Con@Home on July 23rd-25th and also announced Comic-Con Special Edition. Special Edition is a scaled-down version of the live event scheduled for Thanksgiving weekend. Should be interesting. Marvel Comics announced they will be ending their 27 year-old exclusive relationship with Diamond Distributors. They signed a new exclusive world-wide deal with Penguin Random House. Later on the day of this announcement Diamond Distributors sent a letter to comic retailers telling them that they will still be carrying Marvel books. A non-exclusive exclusive deal? Your guess is as good as ours. Also, after fallout of the cancellation of the Perfect RPG Kickstarter, Luke Crane will be departing his position at Kickstarter as community head. Finally, we discuss the evolution of the GM from their tribal beginnings to the more recent role of another kind of player, inspired by the article at Cannibal Halfling Gaming.

RPGs Have Two Sets Of Rules

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Free League is releasing a starter set for their 2015 RPG Symbaroum. Will this bring new players to this dark nature fantasy setting beautifully illustrated by Martin Grip? The official conversion for Pathfinder to the Savage Worlds system is now available on Kickstarter. We also discuss what D&D 6th edition may look like and the Dungeons and Dragons Singularity prophecized in Tasha’s Cauldron.

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